The advantages of Cogofly

Too many people travel alone and remain so for the duration of their trip.

Divorce, friends changing their minds, expatriate reintegration and, quite simply, solitude, are often the root-cause of this situation…

Held back by shyness? Don’t know anyone to join groups? Lacking motivation? …Plan ahead and step into the unknown together!

1. Peace of Mind

  • Trips out, at any time, in complete confidence.
  • Break down language barriers.
  • No more last-minute rushing around. Plan ahead in order to make the most of your stay.

2. Financial








  • Share accommodation costs (eg. additional fees for a double room…).
  • Share additional expenses (taxi, car hire, fuel, tolls…).
  • More attractive prices for shows, sightseeing, excursions…

3. Practical

  • Join up easily with groups on turnkey trips and excursions or to take part in diverse activities.
  • Additional activities: sport, excursions, local and regional sightseeing…
  • Find a willing and reliable travel companion…and who knows, maybe a new friend !


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