Single People

With more than 200M of people single in the world, all this population could benefit from all the advantages of Cogofly.  Single life can brings loneliness and the loose of interest in travelling. In order to overcome this situation, Cogofly offers to connect with a community of travellers, sharing a common passion, TRAVELLING !

Good to know : Cogofly is not a dating site ! The main goal is to connect from all around the world in the only goal of travelling.

In the world

Today, more than 200M people are single in the world ! All these people can connect with each other thanks to Cogofly. If many singles are taking weel their situation, it’s not the case for many of them and sometimes, loneliness can be a big issue for them.

The main goal of Cogofly is to allow you to connect with travellers from all round the world. Sharing, joy and discovery are the strong values that Cogofly wants to promote.